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CAD$ 500

CAD$ 800

CAD$ 1000

CAD$ 1400

CAD$ 1800

CAD$ 2100

CAD$ 2400




1 Hour

An intro to Amara

1.5 Hour

Encouraged for a first date

2 Hour

A deeper connection

3 Hour

Indulge in the experience 

4 Hour

2 hour public date, 2 hours for just ourselves 

5 Hour

Overnight staycation 

6 Hour

Full Day and Evening spent together



I do require a small deposit of 10% of your booking amount. Which can be sent by e-transfer to or in the form of gift cards.



There is also a quick screening process, I would require a photo of any photo I.D or a link to your LinkedIn profile. I completely respect your privacy and can assure you that everything is intended for screening purposes and nothing will be disclosed to anyone.


If you find yourself needing to cancel 48 hours before our booked time. Then a full refund of your deposited amount will be provided. Cancelations made same day will relinquish your deposit but you will still be more than welcome to book with me again.

Do you provide XYZ service

I firmly believe that taking our time together and naturally allowing our date to advance organically provides the most satisfactory and intimate experience. I enjoy giving the most exemplary service to my suiters, but if you desire a date with a checklist of acronyms I need to provide then I am not the lady for you.


Do you Couples/Women

Yes! I absolutely would love seeing any type of client be it Couples/Women or any LGBTQ+ individual. I have an innate desire to connect with anyone. I love to experience new adventures together and I believe that different types of clients enhances every dynamic of that.

If your interested in booking you could look at the booking page or, send an email to

If you’re up for even more fun, longer dates can also be discussed! Email me at

I host near Younge and Eglinton in a luxury apartment.  

I also have a duo partner.

I look forward to meeting you and having fun together!🌹

Let me know if you have any other questions!



                                                                                                                                         Kindest regards, 





1 Hour


1.5 Hour

2 Hour

3 Hour

4 Hour

5 Hour

6 Hour

600 CAD$

900 CAD$

1100 CAD$


2300 CAD$

1900 CAD$

1500 CAD$

2700 CAD$ 

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