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A Little Bit About Me


Whether we are enjoying a romantic dinner at a five-star restaurant, or simply relaxing in the comfort of my luxurious apartment, I am always willing to give a memorable experience.

I take great pride in my appearance and always strive to present myself in the most impeccable manner. I always try to be impeccably dressed and groomed at all times, and I have a wardrobe full of outfits, lingerie, and shoes to suit any occasion.

I am a true hedonist and love nothing more than indulging in all of life's pleasures. Whether it is fine dining, traveling, or simply enjoying each other's company, I am always up for an adventure.

​If you are a discerning gentleman who is seeking the ultimate in luxury and pleasure, then I am the perfect companion for you. My screening process is simple but also strictly enforced, please be considerate when reading my online booking form or take a look at bookingContact me today and let's start creating unforgettable memories together.


Amara Anderson

I'm a European elite companion in my early 20's based in Toronto, Canada. I would describe myself as a very well mannered, funny, and free spirited soul. I strive to offer my clients the very best in companionship and luxury.

Well educated and travelled, I speak three different European languages. which gives me a great love for engaging in stimulating conversations on a variety of topics. I am extremely spontaneous and love embarking in new life experiences & do my best to keep my mental/physical health at it's peak. When I'm not spending time working on my modelling career which allows me to travel. I'm usually out and about venturing out to new spots of interest in town. Some of my current hobbies right now are horror cinema, hot yoga, taking up new courses on skill share, meditation, and travelling. I'm always open to meeting introverts and extroverts as I have quite the adaptive personality with new people and environments.

There's nothing more exciting than the anticipation of trying something new and exploring all possibilities. Our time spent together should be dedicated to getting to know each other on a much deeper level. Discovering each others passions leading to new everlasting memories.


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